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"One tutoring session at a time".
A note from the founder.


"Ever since Covid-19 hit in 2020, it has been especially difficult for BIPOC and low-income students to get educational resources, and unfortunately this struggle doesn’t get enough attention. Here at Hygge Tutoring I hope to not only bring awareness about this struggle, but to also combat this struggle with one tutoring session at time". 

- Jasmine Darmadi, Founder of Hygge Tutoring 

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Hygge Tutoring founded in Eugene Oregon by Jasmine Darmadi, expanded in Indiana to help the Fort Wayne community achieve academic success through free tutoring services. Anya Ramrakhiani was named Fort Wayne's branch director in April 2021. Hygge Tutoring was founded with the goal to help low-income and BIPOC students but our services are open to anybody who need free tutoring!

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